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I don’t care who you are or who they are, you never tell a girl that she won’t be with her celebrity crush. For her, that crush is someone that came through for them before you ever did. I don’t care if it’s a billion to one, you shut the fuck up about it.

one year ago
we see a guy
we recognize him from another source
we search about him
we share our information with others
we watch their videos
we start to think about them deeply
we search about them non stop
we stalk them
we get shocked about new information
we keep our feeling bottled up
we fangirl silently
we start to share them with our family
they don't fucking get it
we get mad
we share them to our friends
they don't care
we start to hate them
we obsess over them 24/7
we feel like a proud mother when we see them on tv
we silently scream, cry and fangirl because our parents think we're asleep
we stalk them so hard to the point we are starting to think they're dating someone
we cry
we move on
we make a rant about how we're happy that they're happy
we become depressed for a few weeks
we want them for christmas
we pretend they're are our pillows
we cry in the middle of the night thinking how much greater our life would be with them
we share them to our family again
we watch each video or listen to their music, tweet something or vine something just 3 seconds after they're posted
we feel so proud
we experience a rollercoaster having to cuddle with them or get fucked by them
we talk about them with our fandom friends
we tumblr a lot
we write smut (don't even lie)
we read imagine cause why not
we fangirl with our fandom
we cry with our fandom
we laugh with our fandom
our faves experience problems and we must STAND with them cause babe you're not alone ayye
we want to fuck them
we sleep and dream about them
we wish they would make us breakfast
we meet them
we die jk
you become friends with them
you spend time together
you both realize your best friends
you get more friends
you get to participate with their shows or something
your fave asks you out
you both date
you get hate
after a month the fandom sipd you both
you film videos with him
he compliments you and states how much he loves you
he kisses you all the time
people now ship you both HAAARD
he realizes he wants to spend the rest of his life with you
he proposes to you publicly
you break up
you make up
go stargazing
you get to be the aunt of cam's and nash's and taylor's and the other's baby
then you and your fave gets married
had ups and downs
had children
your kids grew up a bit
lots of sexual frustration
he gets overprotective of your daughter and her boyfriend
your kids actually think you and your husband our so fucking cool, you know why? because you've been through everything and you both still remain strong
y'all grew old together
your kids had a separate life
they visit you every friday-sunday
your fave makes you coffee and breakfast every morning
the sweetest thing you could ever ask for is when you both get to do almost everything with each other out of love.
our love for them is beyond infinity and we always care for them endlessly.
i love you guys so much and have a great day beautiful xx


😊 unter We Heart It.

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ok but high Sam is the hottest Sam



why isn’t anyone unhealthily obsessed with me 

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ok? no it’s not fucking ok i think i am gonna cry i am so proud
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