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Anonymous said: Why do you think he would be like while your givin birth


omg i think Drew would be calm and tell you things like “breath baby, breath” or “it’s ok, don’t bite me, you’ll be fine” until you stop yelling at him and push. He would stay quiet when your baby comes and you would see small tears on his eyes as he looked to your little angel but he wouldn’t be able to hold it all in and would start crying like a little kid when he held your son or daughter. He would kiss your forehead and tell you how much he loves you after he gave your baby for you to hold.

Wes would try to stay calm and make you calm as well, so he would hold your hand and tell you that things would be fine until you started to push. Then he would freak out and I honestly think he would pass out and wake up when your baby started to cry, so he would cry as well, like cry really hard, and admire how much that kid looks like you, making him hold the little boy or girl and come closer, handing the baby to you and taking a picture of the whole family (the three of you).

I’m pretty sure that Keaton would start freaking out in the moment you told him it was time to go to the hospital. He would keep trying to make you calm, but at the same time to calm himself, so he would be like “C’mon honey, breath, BREATH” but you were ok, he was the one trying to breath heavily. Keats would continue trying to make things ok until you got annoyed bc hormones and told him to shut up, so he would stay quiet, panic in silent until the baby came out. In that moment he would forget everything and just think about the beautiful little human you two made, and he would start crying, and hold the girl or boy like there was nothing happening around. You could see the happiness in his eyes as he kissed you softly on the lips and told you that you’ve made an amazing job.

(i want to have a baby with them)


Drew: His eyes cracked open and glanced at the clock. 3:00am precisely. Groaning he made his way out of the bed and towards the nursery. Once he reached the crib, he picked up the baby boy and brought him down to the kitchen as he heated him up a bottle. “Hungry?” he asked as he put the bottle…


Drew: (Brother) He was your twin. You supported each other in everything you guys did. When he auditioned for Xfactor with Wesley and Keaton, you were there cheering them on. When he found out you were dating Keaton, he had a stern talk with Keaton, but supported the two of you nonetheless. Unlike…


Keaton: You were shopping at the mall with your friends, and they wanted to go into a new store that you decided not to go into. You chose to go to the food court instead and get something to eat. As you waited in line, someone behind you bumped into you, earning a glare from you which softened…


so here’s Gilinsky, Sam and Nate..I am waiting for fanfictions with this photo…


Jaw line game so serious

sweaty jack makes me wet my pants

Ooh baby

#ForeverTogetherEP 10 days

california vibes


Such a widely searched term nowadays is “How to be happy?”

We all want to be happy right? We fight for it. We live for it. We try to find it.

And that’s the problem: We’re chasing it.

It’s time to stop looking elsewhere and look within instead. As you reflect, you’d probably find a ton of…


How to be happy. 

Live your life based on what you love doing.

Don’t worry about what other people say.

Keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

Keep believing in yourself.

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